Multi-function Bags for Men/Women
  • 2021 company team building
    2021 company team building September 29, 2021
    2021 is an extraordinary year. The new crown virus is still raging, but under the reasonable control of the Chinese government, we can still organize company team building with confidence to strengthen team cohesion. Bravely cross the high-altitude glass bridge High-altitude swing, you can’t play without a strong heart! The flying car does not occupy the sky above, and does not touch the ground below. Shooting, children’s favorite! To complete a delicious lunch, both men and women do their best, and the kids just need to enjoy it!
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  • 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival Bocakes
    2021 Mid-Autumn Festival Bocakes September 29, 2021
    Chinese traditional festival-Mid-Autumn Festival! At this time of the year, all the members of the company will gather together to throw dice and receive the gifts prepared by the company in advance according to the number of points。 The whole event is tense and excited! Everyone wants to get the best gift!
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  • Exhibition hall display
    Exhibition hall display September 29, 2021
    Due to the impact of the epidemic, our 1,300-square-meter exhibition hall has been quietly waiting for nearly 2 years. When can you come from far away?
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  • 2019 Guangzhou Autumn Fair

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